when God makes plans

(As some of you know my charter school closed at the end of June and then recently was going through a transition into the local public school system. Due to a number of circumstances and reasons, I decided not to be part of the transition and was at peace knowing that God would place me in a school that was best for me and my family)

God always has plans, He knows it all. Regardless of what choice you make, he already knew what choice you were going to make and how it was going to be a part of your life plan. He put you in those circumstances to make those decisions for a reason. Yes, we have the free will to make those decisions, but He already knows. He knows what is best for us.

Being on the search for a new teaching job I had my “list”, you know that dream list. After this last school year, I had a very clear list of things that I felt I needed in a school in order to be content.

Looking for a teaching job is stressful, just like any job…in Michigan especially, good teaching jobs are hard to come by. After lots of closed doors and knowing falling back on my last school was not what I considered a last-ditch option, I knew God still had a plan.

Finally, in mid-July I accepted what I thought was my dream job. It was such a great school, with great leadership, and a new type of program that I wanted to be a part of. It almost hit every thing on my dream list (all but being in a public school system, being close to what we call home, and having a contract), you can’t be picky after all…so I was content.

But, God was not done yet.

My husband and I began looking for new place to live. We realized we would have to downsize. We would both have a commute to work. And that we would have to compromise a lot in order to make it all work, but I felt this was the school and I needed a job, so we were going to make it work. On top of all this having to find a place to live stuff, our lease was up on our current house on August 31st, and we had to give a 30 notice…meaning we needed to find a place and move all within the next month.

Last Monday we went to look at a house to rent. We drove through the neighborhood before meeting the landlord (who coincidentally never showed up), when I got a call. A God sent call. (You see I had applied for EVERY teaching position that I was qualified for in a 90 minute radius from us.) It was for an interview at a public school district that was 15 minutes from our home. I thought this door had been closed.

When God has a plan he makes it work.

My interview was that Thursday. I didn’t feel it was my best interview. I kept telling myself that I had a job that I was SO excited about 2 weeks previous and we would find a place to move and it would all work out.

Then, I was called back for a teaching demo, the dreaded teaching demo, for the next day. I had 15 hours to prepare it.

Once again I did not feel like I was on my A game for my teaching demo. There were so many things I would have fixed and done better. I braced myself for bad news, and kept reminding myself that I had a job and that God was good and had a plan.

But, God wasn’t done yet. Sunday, I was called back for THIRD round Monday morning. I would know in 24-48 hours if I got the job or not. Totally tried to keep my cool and kept reminding myself over and over again that it didn’t matter what the outcome was because God had a plan and I had a job.

Then came Tuesday morning, 8 days after the initial unfolding of God’s plan. I started my morning off with a phone call from the principal, offering me the job. 

Today, I officially crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s.

Let me re-emphasize that this school hit everything on my “dream school list”…is a well-reputed, a public school, I have a legitimate contract, it has a union, it has excellent insurance, that has a social-economic average in-between the schools I have worked at previously AND it is in the same county as we live in (literally 15 minutes away!), so we don’t have to move.

Guys, God is so good. He knows what is best for us. He has a plan for us. Sometimes we just need to be patient.

To God be the glory,




Many are the plans in the human heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21