I’m pulling for you.

To my new students at the end of our first semester together, 

I just wanted to let you know that I am pulling for you. 

As I stood in the cafeteria chaperoning our last dance, I couldn’t help but realize how much I love each and everyone of you.

You see I am frequently overcome with gratitude for having the opportunity to be your teacher, and to be part of our school. I’ll admit that I’ve teared up at our pep assemblies, band concerts, and sporting events. Why that is? Because I’m an emotional wreck all the time? No. Because I cannot believe how incredibly blessed I am to be your teacher and a part of your life. 

I know that not all of you have a cake-walk outside of school, or even in school. I know that as a high schooler you have lots of baggage that your bring with you and create for yourself. Those high school relationships that I hear about and see on a daily basis? I know how exciting it is to have have high school relationship, and how it hurts when it ends. Peer pressure and friend drama? I know it sucks. I know the outside world and the events going on in nation right now are confusing and overwhelming. That the next weeks hold a whole lot of uncertainty, I know. And I want you to know that I’m pulling for you. 

I want you to be happy, to prosper, to reach the goals you have set for yourselves and even those you thought you couldn’t reach. I want to see you succeed, not just in my class, but in life. I’ll be here the whole time pulling for you. 

This week holds the inauguration of our 45th President. A lot of you have mixed feelings. A lot of you understand the uncertainty of the times, and how this inauguration can and will affect your future. And some of you don’t care. I’m right here pulling through with you. We’ve got this. 

I could keep going, and in my head every day I do, but just remember; I’m pulling for you. I’m pulling for you to succeed. To be happy. To live your life to the fullest. To better yourself. 

Thank you for letting me be your teacher. You bless my socks off everyday. My “bad days” aren’t bad days, trust me I know what those are. Teaching you is my dream job. This first semester was amazing, and the second half of the year is going to fly by…but hopefully not too fast.

heart png

it all stacks up.