“Next Year…”

I have come to love every sentence that starts with these two words.

Next year, when I’m in your class….”

Next year, when we do this….”

Next year, can we…”

“Next year, can you…”

Why is that? Because of the assurance. The assurance that I am where I am meant to be. The assurance that I am home, and the assurance that I God planted me right where I need to be.

Last year there was never a “next year.” I knew that “next year” I would be starting over somewhere else, that I would not be able to pour into the same kids for another year, and I knew that if “next year” happened, I wouldn’t be happy.

My current students have had some teacher turn over in recent years and have asked me multiple times if I’m going to be back next year, or have made the assumption that I’m going to leave them just like others have. Unless I am kicked out and dragged out, that is not going to happen.

Next year I’m staying put. After all, where else would I go? And why would I want to go anywhere else?

For the money? Money doesn’t buy happiness. And let’s be real….I’m a teacher.

To be closer to home? I love my 15 minute drive.

Next year I can’t wait. I can’t wait to continue to pour into my kids, and to gain more kids. I can’t wait to try new things. I can’t wait to grow even more as an educator. I can’t wait for the experiences and memories. And most of all, I can’t wait to stay in a community/school/family that I am a part of and grown to love.

Obviously in the next months life can change, and I have no idea what God has planned, but as of right now…I can’t wait for next year.


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