Why we’re leaving.

20160903dr-schoolTo quickly dismiss the title, I’m going no where, but many are.

This past year I was blessed with a new amazing job, an amazing school, amazing students, amazing co-workers, amazing administrators…you get the point, it was (and still is) amazing, and every day I am still amazed that I am where I am. This job might not pay the best, it might be stressful, it might take up too much time, but to me it is worth it.

The other day I caught myself questioning my career choice. Why you ask? Target. Dumb, I know. I love Target, ask anyone I know, but that’s not the point. I found myself looking at random jobs at Target and realized that there are jobs at Target, that aren’t even in upper management, that pay double what I make. Double. Jobs that I literally am qualified for with my degree, and my years of retail experience through high school and college.

How is it that I can make that much in a job that I technically don’t even have a degree in?! That’s my point.

I quickly dismissed these ideas in my head because I can’t imagine leaving teaching with only two years under my belt (and only one in the good category), but others don’t dismiss these ideas.

We’re leaving. 

We’re leaving because of the stress…

…the under appreciation…

…the blame that is constantly put on us by society…

…the flawed evaluation system…

…the pay…

…the politics…

…our new secretary of education…

…and because of those that say to us “Those who can’t, teach” or “You’re just a teacher?” Just a teacher?! Yes, I am just a teacher

…all of it.

When I look at those I know that went into education, and look at those of us that are still teaching or even decided to find a teaching job after college….the percent is strikingly lower than they should be.

Too many of us are looking at jobs like those mentioned above. Jobs that we could just walk into and make an entry wage double of what we could make with many years of teaching under our belt.

Jobs that are 9-5 and we don’t constantly work “overtime”.

Jobs that we aren’t under appreciated in.

Jobs that there aren’t politics dictating.
Jobs that we aren’t blamed for the problems of society.

Jobs that we don’t get that fake “Wow, that’s great you’re a teacher!” from people you know, or even from your family.

Teacher turnover is higher than almost any other profession. Teachers aren’t leaving “just because”, and they don’t take decisions like this lightly.

I love my job, literally everything about it, and can’t see myself going anywhere any time soon (even to a better paying district). I couldn’t of said that a year ago, and many still can’t say that and that’s why we’re leaving. We’re leaving because of all of it. 

So next time you see someone that is in education, or leaving education. Don’t say to them “Oh you are/were just a teacher…”,  or think “another one bites the dust”, and don’t feel bad for them. Tell them thank you because they made a difference, no matter how long or big of a difference that was.

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